Karin Moser

Professor Karin S Moser PhD SFHEA FCMI

Karin Moser

Karin Moser is Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Director of Research and a member of the Executive Team in the Business School at London South Bank University. She is also affiliated with the Centre for Career Development and Executive Education at the University of Bern, Switzerland.

Karin Moser’s research focuses on what makes people cooperate and – often more important – what hinders cooperation, namely motivational obstacles and how they interact with differences in cultural backgrounds and social norms and the use of digital technologies. With a background in psychology and computer science, Karin combines experimental approaches with textual analysis and qualitative research to understand individual decision making and information sharing in teams and organisations and how social cues and feedback influence the perception of self and others and impact on work behaviour.

Some of Karin Moser’s recent research investigated what motivates knowledge sharing in asymmetric interactions with experts who could outperform most other team members and how they can still be motivated to contribute their expertise to the team (Moser, 2017). Other recent papers show the importance of time perception in project work and how the anticipated collaboration length influences the willingness to cooperate (Moser & Kaemmer, 2017) and how information sharing leads to higher team innovation if it is supported with a prosocial work climate even in the high pressure context of health care (Moser, Dawson & West, in revision). Further research shows the importance of minimal cues (Moser, Vartiainen & Cramton, 2015) and social norms for collaboration in a digital work environment (Moser & Axtell, 2013).

Karin’s research has been recognized with various awards and fellowships, with the Outstanding Research Award for her PhD research (University of Zurich, 1999), by the international academic community with the Outstanding Female Scientist Award (Academia.Net, 2012) and by experienced managers as winner of the Management Articles of the Year Award (Only a Click Away? – What Makes Virtual Meetings, Emails and Outsourcing Successful, Moser, 2013). She has also been awarded several highly competitive research fellowships (Swiss Science Foundation, the Janggen-Poehn-Foundation, Maria Goeppert-Mayer Foundation) and research grants from both industry and public funders at national and European levels.

Karin Moser has held academic appointments internationally and worked with numerous companies and government agencies in her areas of expertise, including Sulzer Technologies, Bosch, Swiss Post, SwissRe, ABB, British Telecom, Metropolitan Police London, NHS UK, SwissOlympics, and the Federal Intelligence Service among others, and has recently been appointed as expert with the European Asylum Support Office to advise on how to improve the information exchange and use of digital platforms between the member states. She has extensive experience in executive education and in providing customized training.