Practical Manager

Awarded to the entry that, in the opinion of the judges, offers the best practical insights or guidance to help practising managers in their work or professional development.

Andrew May FIC CMC FCMI, panel chair

Delroy Beverley FCMI and Karen Gallagher-Barton CMgr FCMI, category judges

Tony Jeton Selimi
Panoma Press

If you’re wanting to live a more balanced, healthy and peaceful life but you’re unsure where to start, then look no further then Tony Jeton Selimi’s new... More

Gordon Tredgold
Panoma Press

Practical leadership insights explained in a clear, simple and straightforward manner. I believe that simplicity is the key to everything. If we can... More

Melanie Franklin
Kogan Page

The concept of agile working has been adopted by many organisations that recognize the need to respond quickly and easily to new opportunities and be fit... More

Julian Birkinshaw

Whereas most books on managing people approach the subject from the perspective of a manager of an idealised organisation, Becoming a Better Boss takes a... More

Susan David, David Clutterbuck, David Megginson (Editors)
Ashgate Publishing Company Ltd

What is there in developmental relationships beyond setting and striving to achieve goals? The presence of goals in coaching and mentoring programs has... More

Thomas H. Davenport
Harvard Business Review Press

From the author of the bestselling Competing on Analytics: How to make big datawork for your company. We know companies are awash in data; and we know... More

Mike Pullen and John Brodie Donald
Elliott and Thompson

In today’s corporate world, crises can hit like a bolt from the blue. The headlines are full of stories of corporate disaster and scandal; the kneejerk... More

Jackie Arnold
Crown House Publishing

Coaching Supervision at its B.E.S.T. contains clear strategies and real life case studies and can be used in all settings where there is a need for... More

Alan Watkins
Kogan Page

Every business leader faces innumerable challenges every working day, each one taking their toll on precious energy levels and the ability to respond and... More

Kevin Murray
Kogan Page

Inspiring leaders make us want to achieve more. They persuade us to their cause, win our active support, help us to work better together and make us feel... More

Jeffrey Rothfeder

Honda Motors has quietly become one of the most successful multinational corporations in history. Since its founding in 1949 with the very first motorcycle... More

Sylvia Ann Hewlett
Harvard Business Review Press

Traditional pathways to career progression have diminished. Mentors used to be the answer—but in today’s world, they aren’t enough to help you advance.... More

Ian MacRae and Adrian Furnham

Nurturing future talent in the workplace – choosing the right people, developing the good into the best and keeping hold of the brightest – is essential... More

Davide Sola, Jerome Couturier

Discover how to become an effective strategic thinker. Some people seem to achieve the best results, again and again. Is it luck? Or is it strategy?  How... More

Dennis Coates
NMI Consultants & CreateSpace. (UK)


Chris Roebuck

Everyone, everywhere is under pressure to work harder. Many of us work to survive and get paid. Bored and trapped, performance is low, family relationships... More

Dr Justus J. Kabyemera
Melrose Books

The book covers a number of topics on the subject of Leadership and Management in Organisations and is composed of eight (8) carefully selected topical... More

Peter Fuda
Profile Books

Ask around in business circles, and you'll get a thousand different answers. But now, internationally-renowned leadership expert Dr Peter Fuda has created... More

Murray Eldridge
Crimson Publishing

How to develop high performance in any organization using the principles that drive success in sports coaching. In many respects business organisations... More

Phil Rosenzweig
Profile Books

Dozens of books have been published recently on the errors and biases that affect our judgments and choices. Drawing on cognitive science, their lessons... More

James Espey
whitefox publishing ltd.

Harnessing decades of experience in managing and developing top brands, James Espey has refined his wisdom into 100 bite-sized tips. His clear, down-to-... More

Jan Gillett
Infinite Ideas

Making your work work is based on Gillett's forty years' experience in leading and managing across many different organisations. Addressed to every manager... More

Morgen Witzel

The belief that everything is changing led to the disasters of the dotcom era. This book reminds us that some fundamental rules do still apply by taking... More

Adam Strong
Filament Publishing

Health should be your number one priority- that's a fact! Adam gives you the means to re-energise your body and mind. So step up and act before its too... More

Abha Maryada Banerjee
Panoma Press

WOMEN'S LEADERSHIP:Women¹s Leadership is a "Vision-Thought" to be embraced, claimed and internalized by women Each diminutive anti-growth thought... More

Matt Bird
Troubador Publishing Ltd

In Relationology, Matt Bird provides 101 inspirational and practical secrets to help you grow your business through the power of relationships, by... More

Duncan Bannatyne
Penguin Random House

Can money buy you happiness? A few years ago Duncan Bannatyne might have said so. He was happily married and his businesses were thriving. Life was good.... More

Steven Pearce
Hodder & Stoughton

- Is your career where you want it to be? - In everyday interactions, do people pay you enough attention? - Does your view carry sufficient weight? This... More

Nigel Cumberland
Hodder & Stoughton

- What do highly successful professionals know that the rest of us don't? - Do they have a secret recipe for success? - Is there a special alchemy at work... More

Dan Roam

We are all natural born presenters. We have ideas to share, voices to share them, and people to share them with. But if we are all capable of giving... More

Yves Morieux and Peter Tollman
Harvard Business Review Press

Cut the complexity—and let people work. From two leading thinkers at the Boston Consulting Group, this book offers six smart and simple rules for making... More

Timothy F. Geithner
Penguin Random House

On 26 January, 2009, during the depths of the financial crisis and having just completed five years as President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York,... More

G. Richard Shell

Everyone knows that you are supposed to 'follow your dream'. But where is the map to help you discover that dream? In Springboard, award-winning author and... More

Henry Wang
Taylor and Francis

This book focuses on doing businesses successfully with China oil, gas and chemicals companies with real business cases on business management and contract... More

Geoff Mead

Telling the Story shows how leaders affect our understanding of what is possible and desirable through the stories they tell. It opens a door into the... More

Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen

We get feedback every day of our lives, from friends and family, colleagues, customers, and bosses, teachers, doctors, and strangers. We're assessed,... More

Matthew Dixon, Nicholas Toman and Rick DeLisi

Everyone knows that the best way to create customer loyalty is with service so good, so over the top, that it surprises and delights. But what if everyone... More

Tim Baker
Palgrave Macmillan

Most organizational leaders are locked into conducting annual or bi-annual performance reviews with their staff, even though they know the system is not... More

Kevin Duncan
LID Publishing

Ideas are the fuel of business – it only takes one good one to make a difference. Distilled into this single, handy-sized volume are 50 of the most useful... More

Binna Kandola and Jo Kandola
Pearn Kandola Publishing

Does the only way to achieve gender equality at work lie in accepting the natural and unchangeable differences between men and women? Or is acceptance of... More

Jo Haigh
Crimson Publishing

Expert advice from a world class entrepreneur on navigating the boardroom - how to get there, how to stay there and how to make a difference. Jo Haigh is... More

Mike Brent, Fiona Elsa Dent

Coaching, motivating, team building and influencing are all essential tools for getting the most out of the people around you. Commonly described as ‘soft... More

John Cross, Rafael Gomez, Kevin Money

In every manager’s career there are moments where decisions need to be made in order to achieve success and this smart, nicely packaged little book can be... More

James McGrath and Bob Bates

89 management theories from the world’s best management thinkers – the fast, focused and express route to success. As a busy manager, you need solutions to... More

Robert Rowland Smith
Profile Books

How is it that the most carefully-laid business strategies can go horribly wrong when put into practice? Robert Rowland Smith's answer, based on years of... More

Phil Higson & Anthony Sturgess
Kogan Page

What is common to good leadership is often frustratingly uncommon practice. To be able to think differently, leaders need uncommon insights that encourage... More