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9781292016351-25-Need-To-Know-Management-Models 25 Need-To-Know Management Models Includes 10 handy do’s and don’ts of using management models · Want new ways of looking at old problems? · Need a range of decision-making tools at your fingertips? · Only want what you need to know, rather than reams of theory? 9781909623712 5 Conversations Research shows that successful businesses are those where employees are really engaged – how do they achieve this? Complex organisation initiatives or something more personal? In today’s world of work we have forgotten a simple truth: the power of authentic, two-way, human conversations to build relationships, trust, and engagement.  5-Voices-cover-image 5 Voices 5 Voices is the code for unlocking your capacity to have honest conversations and build deeper, more authentic relationships with your teams, your families and your friends. In order to lead others effectively, we need a true understanding of ourselves, our natural tendencies and patterns of behavior. Ibarra10953_Cover_lores Act Like a Leader Think Like a Leader You aspire to lead with greater impact. Herminia Ibarra shows how managers and executives at all levels can step up to leadership by making small but crucial changes in their jobs, their networks, and themselves. Ibarra turns the usual “think first and then act” philosophy on its head by arguing that doing these three things Read More 9781840786415 Agile Project Management in easy steps Agile Project Management in easy steps, now in its second edition, explains the key principles, techniques, and processes to ensure your agile project is a success. This edition of the book has been updated to reflect progress and refinement of agile methods over the past few years. It includes additional coverage of business analysis, user Read More

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