Management and Leadership Textbook


Mastering the Ethical Dimension of Organizations

With the use of exercises, reflective prompts and case studies, Mastering the Ethical Dimension of Organizations offers a practice-based approach to developing the skills critical to responding ethically to organizational dilemmas.

Starting from the premise that ethical issues within organizations rarely come ‘packaged’, this book encourages an understanding of ethics beyond organizational compliance systems or codes of conduct. 


Corporate Social Responsibility

Why has CSR become part of the mainstream business and academic agenda in the 21st century?
How can CSR be fully integrated in business strategy and day-to-day operations?
Do companies become more vulnerable to criticism from stakeholders if they make public their commitment to CSR?


Managing Diversity and Inclusion

This hotly anticipated new text has been written by an international team of experts and offers an in-depth and contextual account of enduring, contemporary and cutting edge theories and approaches to diversity and inclusion management.

The book uniquely situates UK and European policies and practices of various dimensions of diversity firmly within the global context through an international and cross-cultural range of case studies and considers how national contexts have shaped the field.



The authors, an international team of experts, guide students on an entertaining journey through key concepts, contemporary issues and debates in leadership studies.

Students can:
– Understand how theory comes to life through a fascinating selection of case studies, ranging from political leaders such as Tony Blair to business leaders such as Steve Jobs, and from leadership in the arts to leadership in gang culture.



Drawing on over 30 years of coaching and leadership skills development experience gained with organisations in the UK and internationally, Pearn Kandola have created iLEAD™ Tools, a suite of three unique books focussing on explaining and developing the essential skills of People, Task and Thought Leadership.