New Manager



An essential handbook for Mangers and emerging leaders.

Potential will enable you to discover your strengths, define your purpose and become a leader that others will want to follow and work for.


Happy Working Relationships

For many new managers, the biggest change is that they are now “in charge” of other people. Simon Jones’s book – fully revised for 2017 – guides them through effective people management skills and key aspects of employment law. Written in plain English, it puts forward a positive approach to understanding and motivating people while destroying employment law myths.


Harvard Business Review Manager’s Handbook

This is the one primer executives need to develop managerial and leadership skills. Packed with step-by-step advice and wisdom from HBR’s management archive, the book provides best practices on topics from building credibility and emotional intelligence to hiring and retaining employees, as well as understanding finance and strategy.


The Presentation Book 2nd Edition

‘Brilliant tips and strategies for not only developing an effective presentation but also how to successfully deliver a message to an audience. Every professional should read this no matter what stage of their career they’re at.’
Tiffany Poeppelman, organisational psychologist, speaker, business consultant

Have you ever watched a TED talk and wondered what their secret is, or a business leader influence with impact 


Brilliant Coaching 3rd Edition

Everyone has the potential to be a brilliant coach. Great coaching increases engagement, learning and performance, so it’s a must-have skill that enables you to get the best from your people and teams. Brilliant Coaching shows you how to unlock your natural and innate coaching ability, to reap fast and visible results.

With simple methods developed and proven in business, you’ll find what it takes to be a leader or manager