The Commuter's Read

Awarded to the entry that, in the opinion of the judges, will best serve commuters and retain their attention during a journey to work by inspiring them, informing them about and engaging them with a management and leadership topic.

Antonio Weiss

101 Business Ideas That Will Change The Way You Work takes fascinating findings from world-class business research and shows you how to become cannier and... More

Emma Bell and Richard Thorpe
SAGE Publications

Emma Bell and Richard Thorpe are engaging companions for this journey into the complex world of management research. They provide a stimulating and... More

Chris Wisdom
Rethink Press

BOOST is the book to show you how to get ahead and stay ahead. It will show you how successful people, think, speak and act. That means you can learn it... More

John Stein
TWF Publications

Steering an organisation on its unique growth journey is one of the biggest personal challenges facing all leaders. Although the end goal, the destination... More

Janice B Gordon
Janice B Gordon

The core to Business Evolution is growing your business with a magnetised personality and a clear purpose which gives your customers pleasure... More

Will Kintish

Business Networking – The Survival Guide helps you overcome all your fears and concerns. Start navigating the networking jungle like an expert as you build... More

Joel Backaler
Palgrave Macmillan

China's corporate champions have arrived. Consumers around the world are typing on Lenovo computers, storing food in Haier refrigerators and speaking on... More

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
Profile Books

We're told that the key to success in life and business is confidence: believe in yourself, and the world is your oyster. But building confidence can be a... More

Maryam Hussain

Corporate fraud is unlike any other risk that an organisation has to manage. It requires us to believe that we can be deceived by individuals that we know... More

Charles Arthur
Kogan Page

The first time that Apple, Google and Microsoft found themselves sharing the same digital space was 1998. They were radically different companies and they... More

Julie Cooper
Careertrain Publishing

Five Steps to being Heard is a short, easy reading guide to getting your message over to the right person. Many managers get taken for granted, ignored or... More

Michael Tobin

Radical, creative, often extreme, and incredibly successful management techniques from a leading global entrepreneur Written from the point of view of... More

Chris Baréz-Brown

Life and work are intrinsically linked. They are not separate; they are one. If we want to live an extraordinary life, we have to make our work equally... More

Michael Smith
Rethink Press

Forget the traditional model of selling which says that you should focus first on the transaction or the sale. It’s outdated thinking and there is another... More

Rob Gray
Crimson Publishing

By turns insightful, funny and practical, Great Brand Blunders examines over 150 marketing disasters from across the globe - many featuring household name... More

Harvard Business Review, edited by Daniel McGinn
Harvard Business Review Press

The world’s top CEOs tell how they overcame big challenges—so you can, too. From the pages of Harvard Business Review, How I Did It brings to life the real... More

Graham Allcott
Icon Books

The #1 WHSmith Business & Management Bestseller! In this age of information overload, traditional time-management techniques simply can’t deal with... More

Rob Yeung

NEVER COME SECOND PLACE AGAIN If you’re not winning, you’re losing. And you don’t want to be a loser, do you? Life is full of opportunities to win or lose... More

Christian Stadil & Lene Tanggaard
LID Publishing

The legendary artist Pablo Picasso took baths when he was in need of new ideas for his work. Other people take walks in the park or visit an art gallery or... More

Keith Ferrazzi with Tahl Raz

Do you want to get ahead in life? Climb the ladder to success? Master networker Keith Ferrazzi says the secret is in reaching out to others - in using the... More

Steven D’Souza & Diana Renner
LID Publishing

Knowledge and expertise are highly valued in today’s business world. These values are introduced at an early age by our education system, and at work, we... More

Sylvia Loehken
Hodder & Stoughton

Most literature on business, communication and success is focused on extroverts, who feel comfortable networking, talking and being the centre of attention... More

Paul Hitchens and Julia Hitchens
Hodder & Stoughton

The ability to manage your brand successfully is crucial to anyone who wants to advance their career. Written by Paul and Julia Hitchens, leading experts... More

Alan Palmer

The businessperson's guide to saying what needs to be said and asking questions that need to be asked In the business world, the first step to great... More

Dee Blick

Practical and proven masterclasses for simple and effective small business marketing. This straightforward, practical book cuts through the morass of... More

John Browne
Ebury Publishing

‘I wish I had been brave enough to come out earlier in my tenure as CEO of BP. I regret it to this day. I know that if I had done so I would have made more... More

Ryan Holiday
Profile Books

We give up too easily. With a simple change of attitude, what seem like insurmountable obstacles become once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Ryan Holiday, who... More

Marc Van Eck

Imagine if you could fit your business strategy on a single sheet of paper? Imagine having your plans, action points and progress report all in one place?... More

Ray Fisman and Tim Sullivan
Hodder & Stoughton

Why do members of Al Qaeda have to submit travel and expense reports? How do you create incentives for policemen, or priests? What are managers good for?... More

Ben Simpfendorfer
Palgrave Macmillan

Taking the reader on a tour of the fast changing East, The Rise of the New East provides simple business strategies for dealing with the world's growing... More

John Smythe
Ashgate Publishing Company Ltd

What drives or delivers engaged people? Employers need to focus on creating the right conditions. Employers can't impose engagement: people need to choose... More

Arianna Huffington
Ebury Publishing

In Thrive, Arianna Huffington, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post and one of the most influential women in the world, has written a... More

Laura Vanderkam

We're all busy. But we all waste time. What are the secrets of using every hour productively? How do the most successful people spend their time? In this... More

Prof. Muel Kaptein
Emerald Group Publishing Limied

Why do honest and decent employees sometimes overstep the mark? What makes managers with integrity go off the rails? What causes well-meaning organizations... More